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Sergi Pérez Berk -Barcelona-


Producer, musician, composer and arranger with an extensive musical experience in different music fields, has conduced musical productions, collaborated in films, documentaries, television and TV commercials, as well as live performances.


He began his career by working as a  dubbing sound technician of recording studio. After 5 years, with his own studio, he get involved in the production of the hit album "LLAMALO SUEÑO" -techno-pop group OBK- . Since then, he combines his work as a producer with live tours -as keyboardist - in Spain, South America and European countries. 


His musical vocation and his versatility has led him to work in different areas: 


Cinema - Composer of soundtracks, most recently in the movie "CRUZ DEL SUR" by Spanish production, directed by David Sanz and Tony Lopez awarded with Best Original Score in the Puerto Rico Cinema Festival.


Television and Documentaries - composer of soundtracks of documentaries  for TV3 as " Histories of the Model " by Jaume Santacana or "Ciències biologiques de Catalunya " performed by Felip Solé i Sabaté . He has also created the jingles of children's programs as "Dinamiks" or "El Jardin Faluba".


TV Commercials - Composer and productor of numerous jingles and music songs for TV commercials as Festival Cap Roig ( La Caixa ) Baticao (Cola Cao ) Potato Pringles, Tanga girls ( Evax ) and Danone, among others.


Production Record Label - He worked with bands and artists like LA UNION, OBK, Maria Sagana, Austin, Jorge and Anabel(OT), Rocio Rivas (LA VOZ), besides that, he has produced different compilations of chill out music. Has produced titles as well known as Alma chill out (chill--Flamenco), Beatles chill out , chill out Queen, The Boss chill out, chill out Movies or Acoustic chill. Leading his own band Berk & the Virtual Band has created Jazz Chill collection  of which he is not only the producer and arranger, but also the artist and composer.