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...BERKLAND Creative Music

About Us

Berkland Creative Music, a project created and directed by Sergi Pérez Berk, is a team of creative musics and freelance specialized contributors. That allows us to work in so different products, assuring our clients that they are counting with the best professionals in each case.

We started 20 years ago, we are the result of experience. Our good results and our compromise are backed by our clients, that trusted and keep trusting in our way: EMI MUSIC, WARNER MUSIC, BLANCO Y NEGRO, UNIVERSAL MUSIC, TV3, OPTIMTV, LAVINIA, TVE, ANTENA 3 TV, EVAX - Procter & Gamble -, COLACAO -Nutrexpa-, PRINGLES -Kellog's-, LA CAIXA, LA UNION, OBK, MARIA SAGANA, are some of them.


In Berkland Creative Music you'll find a closer professional team and the knowledge fruit of the expertise, to carry out your projects with the guarantee of successful experience.


Let us Know about your ideas, we will put all the necessary resources and means to make them come true, as you have in mind